Are You Wasting Your Precious Shower Time?

No time to meditate? BS. I’m calling us out.

Even if you don’t have 10 minutes in the morning, (the suggested time to meditate because it starts your day off calm and cheery) I bet you make time to shower every day.

I used to say that my 3 favorite things start with S: Sleep, Shower and Sex. (Sorry ma!)

As I was in the shower today, I couldn’t help but think about why I love those things so much. I used to think that it was because they were all mindless activities that let me escape from the harsh reality of “The Real World.”

I shouldn’t say used to, because I still think it’s true. But now a’days my life aint really so hard. My “Real World” consists of traveling the world and basically doing what I want when I want, that doesn’t sound so harsh. But the 3 S’s are still some of my favorite things.

While you’re sleeping, showering and/or boning you’re living in the moment. You forget about everything else and live in the now, appreciating what is instead of what was or could be.

Isn’t that what meditation is, though? Emptying your mind and living in the here and now.

I challenge you to get back on the meditation swag, even if there’s no time. If you are one of those busy people, try it in the shower! Instead of mindlessly going about it, be mindful. Just go with the flow.

Enjoy your shower, revive your mind.


How To *Actually* Get Yourself To Follow Through

Do you ever feel like whatever you’re doing isn’t working? Like you had a game plan, you’re half way through, and nothing’s changed.

No matter how hard you try or how much you go at it, you’re just stuck. There’s no point in finishing the scheme because it’s not even working, anyways.

I’m here to tell you to keep going.

I know I tend to have this tendency (you know you have it too, don’t leave me hangin here all alone) to stop half way through things because nothing seems to be working and I never see a point in following through because it’s not gonna work anyways.

I’m finally calling BS on myself. (This is where you follow along and do the same!)

How do you know it’s not gonna work unless you’ve given it the full chance? It’s like giving up half way through a shot at a basketball game. If you don’t follow through and keep practicing, of course you’ll never make it.

Same goes for other things in life.

I’m currently taking Jon Morrow’s Guest Blogging Course. I just finished my first guest post and have a ton of excited energy. But then, out of nowhere, my mind begins to panic. What if she hates my post? What if I’m going about this in the wrong way? Maybe I’m wasting my time and should be doing something completely differently that could’ve saved me $100’s!

I loose sight of the big picture. I’d rather start over from point A in Plan B then follow through with my original plan, because “what if” it doesn’t work out.

Well, I’m taking a stand. I will no longer self sabotage because of the possibility that it maybe, might not work out.

My Point

Follow the course. Let yourself finish up before you decide it’s not going to work.

One guest post wont get me to where I want to be. I need to amp it up and keep the consistency going and give it time to take off before I decide it’s f*cked.

Let’s get through this journey together.

Apologies for missing last week and for this week being late! I’ve been busy traveling from Queenstown, New Zealand to Brisbane, Australia trying to gain enough wisdom to put into words for all you lovely readers!

Australia is hot. Well duh, but you don’t really get how hot it is all day every day until you get here. Especially after coming here straight from still chilly Queenstown, it’s more than a bit of an adjustment. There’s the massive climate change, the time difference and just the overall lifestyle change.

One thing you should know about me is that I love the heat. I swear, I think I’m partially cold blooded because of how well I tend to handle the sun. So when Josh told me about how hot Australia was, I thought, “No big deal, I love the sun! It’ll be great to finally get out of this cold town!”

But here I am, in nothing but a bathing suit, sticking to the couch, fuzzy brained, headache, exhausted by the heat.

I was so done with sweatpants and freezing cold nights, what happened?

Change is a difficult thing to handle, even when you think you’re ready for it.

But sometimes, you just need to roll with the punches. Keep that momentum you initially had and try not to get overwhelmed by it. Just take what comes at you, and if you need to take a break and reroute, so be it!

I’d write more, but the heat is really getting to me! Enjoy your days and here’s some cool pictures of me and some animals for you in the cooler climates to appreciate:

3 Simple Steps to Achieving Your Goals

Goals are a funny thing, aren’t they? I feel as if mine are always changing before I even finish the last one.

Today I finally updated a few pages on the blog to better reflect my new goals: become a freelance writer/columnist. Ever since I graduated college over 2 years ago, I’ve always said, “I’m going to get paid to write, one day.” Two years later, that dream has not changed. Simply “writing” is a really big overall category, though. So how do we narrow down our goals to something manageable, achievable?

  1. Practice, practice, practice. Do what you love. Keep on practicing what you DO know. I knew I loved writing, so I started a blog to continue practicing and getting better at it. This blog has been through a slew of transformations, but the one thing that didn’t change was that it’s still me writing. It’s helped me transform my writing style and my goals, because it’s always been the one thing I still enjoy.
  2. Play! Play around with your goals. Writing has always been the goal, but open the umbrella of writing and there’s so many different potential writing jobs! How could I choose exactly what I wanted to do when all I know is writing? I just kept writing. I played around with writing using my blog as my platform. I wrote daily, weekly, monthly about everything from finding a job to random posts about cats to finally personal growth. I just kept going until I found what I was most comfortable with and enjoyed the most!
  3. Go with the flow. I started off as a journalism major with goals of becoming a journalist. I’m glad I have that background, but as I continued to write it became clear that journalism is just not in the cards for me. I believe in fate and destiny (though I also believe you have some control of those things) and I believe that everything in life leads you to where you’re meant to be. Sometimes, you just need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. It’s something my 7th grade art teacher told us that really stuck with me, “Let it be what it wants to be.” We were making paper mâché animals and mine was supposed to be a puma, but it just wasn’t happening. We had just under a week to finish and I was still on the head. Frustrated as all hell, I asked for help. My perfectionism was getting the best of me and I wasn’t getting anywhere. I’ll never forget when she told me, “Maybe it doesn’t want to be a puma. Maybe your paper mâché wants to be a turtle!” So I changed course and made the most bangin turtle I could. No, it wasn’t what I originally intended, but it turned out much better than any puma I could’ve made.

Got any more or better suggestions to achieving your goals? Let me know! Share with the community how you manage to keep (or morph) your goals into achievable ones.

What Will You Eat The Shit Sandwich For?

Absolutely no job is perfect, even your dream job. Each and every job that you do or dream of has a shit factor or, as some call it, a shit sandwich.

The shit sandwich is all the negatives of the job. But when you find something you love so drastically, you eat that shit sandwich and you eat it with a smile on your face… sometimes. For example, right now I’ve got it pretty good. I work 9-2, 5 days a week in one of the most amazing places in the world. I get paid enough to get by while still saving a bit for a rainy day. My coworkers are wonderful and make my day a pleasure. However, I’m a cleaner. I hate cleaning, just ask my mom. The actual work part of my job is the shit sandwich I eat each and every day. No, this isn’t my dream job, but I’ve made a conscious decision to work semi-mindless part time jobs until I can make a living doing what I love.

That’s the shit sandwich part of my dream job. I want to be a blogger, a writer, but getting there is HARD. I’m not currently making any money writing, but I know that part of getting there is continuing to write and bettering my skills so that someone will eventually pay me to do it. Right now the shit sandwich of my writing career is the not getting paid part. But I love writing so much and have such a belief that it’s what I’m meant to do, that I keep on doing it. Every week I get up and get to the computer to put my thoughts out there to advance my career.

And I’m well aware that even when I am eventually a “Writer,” there’ll still be another shit sandwich to eat. But I love it so much, it’s worth eating. The satisfaction I get from writing, the financial and physical freedom that I get from it are the ciabatta bread, fresh aioli and sweet tomatoes that make that shit sandwich tasty enough to eat.

Let’s be real, every single job has one. You just have to figure out what makes that shit sandwich worth eating. Or, is your entire job the shit sandwich? Is your sandwich made with cheap white bread and poop? If so, find a different sandwich shop, my friend! Even if you’re like me, waiting for the perfect shit sandwich shop, keep it mind while you eat your current one. That’s the only thing that’ll get you by.

Share your stories with me, tell me what your shit sandwich is and what makes it worth eating!

How To Turn Your Day Back Around, Again

Ever have one of those days where everything’s fine and dandy, then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, a shitstorm starts to rain on your parade? That day is today, for me.

I originally started writing out this post with all of my “Womp womp’s” of the day. A detailed outline of how my day started off alright and slowly got worse. But then I realized, that’s not what this blog is about. I’m not here to bore my readers with my misery of the day, I’m here to help my readers (who may or may not have/are going through something similar). So instead of dwelling on my poop of an afternoon, let’s focus on what to do when thing’s don’t go your way.

  1. Press the “restart” button. This is easier said then done, but it can be done! Every day, I make the decision that “Today is going to be a wonderful day!” And that’s one of my new life motto’s. Perspective is so huge that it can change just about any situation you’re going through.
  2. Refocus. Ok, so a couple things went wrong. But that’s life. Now that we’ve restarted and brushed our shoulders off, it’s time to refocus. Instead of focusing on the problem, which is just in human nature, focus on a solution. Today’s example: Problem: My computer wasn’t working. Solution: Software needs updating. Problem#2: Not enough space for my computer to actually do the update. Solution#2: Move some stuff to the harddrive. Problem#3: Missing connector cord. Solution#3: Buy a new one. It’s no the ideal situation or an easy fix, but it’s just what has to be done.
  3. Refresh. After I realized the problem, well many problems, and the solution, I was still a bit frustrated. I’ve got work to do! People to catch up with! Movies to watch! And I want to do it all NOW, not tomorrow, 24 whole hours later. But it is what it is and there’s no point in focusing on the negatives, but sometimes that’s hard when you’re super frustrated. The best thing to do now is refresh. Do something to take your mind off the shitty situation and put you back in that good mood you were in just a few hours before! No, you wont get what you wanted done, but you’re having issues with it anyways, so you may as well do something to put you in a better mood before you start plugging away again. This could be anything from skateboarding to drawing to showering. A nice hot shower always puts me back on track!
  4. Restart, again. Go back to the issue and see if there’s anything you can do about it now that you’ve got a solution ready and are feeling better. I can’t get everything done that I wanted to today, but at the very least I could update my blog!

Hope this was a helpful little post! Let me know what you do to turn your day around again!

Is it a Negative Point, Or a Point of Contrast?

Negativity is bound to happen, it’s just a part of life. Not everything goes all wonderfully, hunky-dory. But what if we could change our views on these negative aspects of life? What if, instead of viewing these so-called “negative” things as just that, we look at them a bit differently: as a point of comparison. You can’t have the good without the bad. Life is all about balance.

Symbol of scales is made of stones on the cliff

Let me give you an example to make my point:

I spent this past winter (living in the Southern hemisphere) in Queenstown, New Zealand. Queenstown is meant to be the adventure capitol of the world. It’s filled with activities and, over the winter season, is mainly a ski town. I worked in a snowboarding/ski rental shop in town with great hours and “living the dream!”

But I didn’t get a lift pass. It wasn’t even that I couldn’t afford it, it’s just that I wasn’t sure how much I’d actually be able to get up the mountain and blah blah blah lots of other silly little excuses. (If you want something to happen bad enough, you find a way.) I also bought a snowboard and lots of snowboarding equipment so I could learn how to board this season. I’ve always been a skier, but the last time I went I was a bit bored with it. I decided one day, I’ll learn to snow board. This was that season.

Actually, I ended up hating snowboarding. My boyfriend, who I thought would teach me to board, was busy enhancing his own skills. (Which is fair enough, it’s his time and money too. And I’m really not the easiest student when it comes to physical skills.) I didn’t have a lift pass, so it was a bit of a hassle to actually get up the mountain. And to top it all off, learning to snowboard is PAINFUL! I am not one for continuously hurting myself. I’ve decided to live my life with ease and this was just far too stressful for me. (That’s not to say I won’t do anything that’s too hard, but that’s a story for another day.)

So, finally, one day I decided to go skiing instead of boarding, just as a mini confidence boost. I ended up falling in love with skiing all over again! All the painful and bruised experiences I had from boarding made me love skiing again. It was the contrast that helped me appreciate the skills I already had, once again.

What’s your experience with contrast? Think of a negative time or experience you’ve gone through. Now, tell me how you can turn that negative thing into a positive point of contrast.

“Fear Is A Necessary Companion” -Liz Gilbert

This is something that’s been brought up to me over and over again the last few months, so I’ve decided to take some time to really explore fear.

Many, many years ago when we were cavemen and women fear was a necessary part of our makeup because it helped us survive. Fear is what kept that ancestor of ours alive when the saber tooth tiger was 5 feet away. Fear is instinctual. It tells us to fight or flee.


Millions of years later, fear has stayed in our DNA and helped us as a species survive. Though, now-a-days, it’s not so necessary on a day-to-day basis. Most of us aren’t in fight or flight mode on a daily basis, but that fear is still interjected into our DNA. So, since there’s no real need for fear but it’s still there, it finds and distorts other situations to become fearful of. “Oh, there’s no massive animal out to kill you today? That’s ok! I’ll just find something else for you to be afraid of,” says fear.

And so, we’ve become fearful of so much more than just physical harm. We’re afraid of heights, the dark, public speaking, small spaces etc. Nearly all of those fears have very little merit to them, though.

  • The fear of heights isn’t the actual height, it’s the fear of falling and dying. But realistically, how many buildings, airplanes, etc. don’t have any safety features where you actually have a high likely of dying? Few to none.
  • The fear of the dark isn’t the dark, it’s what could be in the dark and what it could do to you. I personally struggle with this – my mind begins to wander when I enter a dark room. “What if there’s a serial killer waiting for me to enter and kill me?” But realistically, what’s the likelihood of that happening to me? So small.
  • The fear of public speaking is really just a fear of messing up and feeling silly or disrespected if you mess up. But realistically, what’s the worst that’ll happen if you mess up? The audience may laugh a bit. This “fear” isn’t real though! You wont actually die from public speaking. It’s a manifested fear that we, as a society, have created in lieu of a real danger to ourselves.
  • The fear of small spaces is more a fear of being trapped or unable to escape. This is rarely to never the situation, though. You’re not really in any danger when standing in an elevator, it’s just perceived danger that we’ve managed to create.

Fear is necessary though, because all those fears do actually have some validation to them. People have fallen off buildings and died in airplanes. People have been unsuspectedly been kidnapped or murdered in their homes. People have lost a lot of respect and self confidence because of public speaking mishaps. And finally, small spaces can be intimidating and people have died in crazy small spaces. So, we do need to have fear come along, but we need to keep it in check.


So keep fear in mind, but keep your logic with you, too. Fear is necessary, but not in every situation. When was a time you let fear get the best of you? Or, better yet, when did you overcome fear? How’d you do it? Share your experience with the tribe and help out another soul who could be in the same situation!

Sometimes You Should Just Do It

Last week I talked about why you don’t have to do what you should do. This week, I’m going to rattle on about those few times you should do them. It sounds quite contradictory and confusing, I know, but stick with me on this one. Let me explain with a personal story:

After feeling all amped up and amazing about life, I had a quick 180 and spiraled downward for a few days. Everything was fine, there was no reason for me to be upset or negative about anything, but I was.

Sometimes I just get that way. It’s a part of my anxiety and who I am as a person. It’s taken me a long time to acknowledge and attempt to understand this part of myself, but here I am and there it is. It creeps up on me every now and then, and when it does I need to jump into action.

Backstory: I’m one of those people who HATES exercise, working out, the gym, etc. If it’s too much effort and doesn’t fit into my life of ease concept, I’m not about it.

One of the first tools in my Recovery Toolbox is to get some exercise into my routine.

As Elle Woods says, “Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy people just don’t shoot their husbands!” Or, ya know, feel sad all the time. But, as we’ve previously established, I despise exercise, even on a good day. It’s one of those things I feel like and know I should do, but sometimes just can’t seem to get myself there.

This seems like an obvious example of ignoring the rule “don’t do what you feel like you should do,” but I think that’s what makes it such a good one. Let’s dig deeper and figure out what makes this an exception to the rule.

If we pan out and take a look at the big picture, in the end, going to the gym is going to be good for me. It’s going to make me feel how I want to feel on a much larger scale. It’s basically a little bit of pain for a BIG, almost guaranteed gain. Of course, nothing in life in certain and just one gym session isn’t going to instantly make me feel better, but I’m willing to take the chance that overtime working out will improve my mood. I’m making an educated choice on the chance that it will get me closer to feeling how I want to feel.

Now, let’s take these same steps and apply them to a different situation. Sally feels like she should quit her job in lieu of a new offer she’s received. (It’s always tricky when it comes to jobs and careers.) There are a lot of things coming into play in this specific situation, but let’s look take a look anyways. The new offer is for a similar role at a new company with competitive salary and a contract. Sally is very unhappy at her current job, which is why she feels she should take this new job opportunity. However, if we look at the big picture, Sally will be doing a similar job in a similar atmosphere and now will be tied to this job due to the contract. Even though she’ll have a slightly higher salary, Sally will probably still be very unhappy at this new job. So should she really take this opportunity?

Take a look at some of the “should”s in your life. Now, look at them from a big picture perspective. Are there any clashes? Let me know what you deemed “should” or “shouldn’t” stay in your life in the comments below!

If You “Should” Be Doing It, It’s Not Your Purpose

Today, I’m ecstatic. You know why? Because today I am me, I am doing my own thing and I’m not worried about what I’m “supposed” to be doing. Instead, I’m just… well, doing! I’m not thinking about how much time I “waste” playing on the computer, watching Netflix or sitting inside while in the beautiful country of New Zealand. Nope, today I’m just enjoying my time being me. And that’s ok.

You don’t have to constantly be doing stuff and things in order to feel purposeful. Being yourself, doing what you want and love to do is enough. (Click to Tweet!)

On paper, by the standard definition, right now is the time where I should really be focusing on my career, getting a head start, investing in a business, working on crafting my skill set. However, I cross out the word should because it is no longer a part of my vocabulary. I’m done doing things I “should” do just because someone, somewhere said that’s just how things are done.

By the book, now is the time, though. I’m young, have some money in the bank and plenty of time on my hands. But ya know what? I don’t want to do what I should be doing. I want to do what feels right for me. When I do things because I feel like that’s what I should be doing, I half-ass them. I don’t put my everything into it and it turns out badly. Or I just ignore it like the plague. Things that should be fun for me, that used to be fun for me, turn into a burden or a chore. And who wants to turn those fun things you love to do into a burden? Certainly not I.

For example, I haven’t been blogging a lot because it had become a chore to write. But writing is one of my favorite things to do! Unfortunately, it turned into something I avoided because I thought it was something I “should” be doing to better my career or my writing.

But my best writing is when the words just flow out of me; they’re created in that little brain of mine, streamline their way through my body and flow out of my fingers onto this very keyboard that I type on right now. It’s not when I feel like I should write just for the sake of writing.

So I’m done with “should.” Life is good. My purpose right now is to live the life I’m living, no more, no less. I’m living, exploring, learning. When the next step, my career, my calling, is ready for me, it will come and I will be fully ready and prepared because the time will be right.

What are you doing right now because it’s something you “should” be doing? Did you take that job because it’s just what you feel like you should do? Or did you take that job because you honestly feel like it’s the right fit for your life at the moment? Make sure everything you do in life is something you  honestly, sincerely want. Don’t do things because it’s what you feel like you “should” do, you’ll end up miserable and hating it. Let me know in the comments below what you’re doing because of “should,” and what you’re doing about it! Or, let me know what you’ve stopped doing because of “should!” Share your story, you’re not alone!